An Ode to Antiquity

Welcome to Niralaa

As an abode of antique collections, Niralaa manifests to be the perfect destination for artists, art-lovers, and anyone who can appreciate the intricate beauty and creativity of art. Ranging from traditional paintings of the 18th century to modern artefacts of recent times, you can choose from an extravagant variety of tanjore paintings, contemporary art, traditional art, pencil sketches and show pieces to suit your whims and fancies.

What’s more exciting?

Customized ethnic jewellery designed with colourful, antique stones and pearls, and funky jewellery constituting crazy mix and match of beads are a “good-go” for women. Hope you have an enticing journey through Niralaa!

Birth of Niralaa

Neither was I a born artist nor did I judiciously practice art at any point of time but for a few pencil sketches I made during my leisure and the extra 1% effort I pulled in to make my Biology records the most talked about in class! But the overwhelming appreciation and motivation I received from my peers and family, made me feel that this might be my cup of tea. Read more...

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